Choosing The Right Size Storage Unit For Your Business

We could all do with more storage space, but how do you decide on which size storage unit for your business? Read on for an easy guide to choosing the right size storage solution.

A great way to utilise your business space more effectively and gain more flexibility with your storage capacity is to allocate storage space off site. Regardless of the type of storage you use, having storage away from your business can have numerous benefits with freeing up space on your premises and additional security.

However, when it comes to deciding on the right size storage unit for your business, it can be a challenge to calculate your needs, with many businesses under- or overestimating their requirements. Here’s a few helpful hints on how to choose the right size storage units to meet your business needs.

Take Stock

First and foremost you need to get a good handle on how much you will be storing and the types of items that will be in the unit. Make an initial inventory of all the items you want to store, taking measurements of them as you go. Also bear in mind that boxes with things like business archives or stock, can be safely stacked up high, taking up less space, whereas irregular-shaped or bulky items will take up more room.


The other thing you need to consider with business storage is whether you need access to certain items. If it’s the case that you don’t need regular access or that you’re going to remove it all in one go, you could save money on using a smaller unit and cramming it full to the brim. However, you may cost yourself valuable time if you need to regularly access items, as you’ll have to unpack it to get to everything. This is where paying a little extra and having the space to create pathways for easy access can make a great deal of sense, saving you time and money in the long run.

Understand the Dimensions

In order to calculate your space requirements, it’s important to understand the dimensions of the units. Typically you’ll be given the floor measurements, but don’t forget to ask for the height so you can calculate the whole area. You may be surprised at how much you can safely stack up to free up more floor space.

If in Doubt, Go Bigger

The last thing you want when choosing a storage unit for your business is to start packing stuff in, only to find you don’t have enough space, so if you’ve not been able to get an accurate estimate on the space you need, go bigger. Plus this will also give you more flexibility should you need more business storage space in the future.

Seeing is Believing

When choosing a storage unit for your business, always make sure you visit the facility first. This will allow you to view the unit sizes up close and get a better gauge on what you can house there, as well as ascertain the security procedures and condition of the units where you’ll be storing your precious cargo.