Storage Units vs Sheds and Garages

Finding storage options that meet your needs, are affordable, and give your excess clutter a safe home can sometimes be a challenge. Where is the best place to store your prized possessions? Let’s take a look at some of the obvious choices, storage units, sheds, and garages and weigh the pros and cons.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves surrounded by an abundance of things. Clutter accumulates quickly, and a large number of us have a hard time parting with it. This is why we are often left pondering what exactly to do with all of this stuff, and where we should keep it. Lets look at some of the pros and cons of storage units, sheds, and garages for locations to put the items we don’t need right now, but will do at some time in the future.

Storage Units

Storage units are a fantastic option for storing your possessions. If you are storing things of great sentimental or financial value you may wish to consider renting a storage unit. There are many benefits to a unit rental, including a dry, warm environment protected from the elements as well as provided security to ward off thieves. Many storage facilities are well maintained meaning your items are not going to be damaged unnecessarily and offer 24 hour monitoring by employees as well as security cameras. You may also have the opportunity to purchase insurance for your belongings through the storage facility. Drawbacks of opting for a storage unit include the monthly rental payment that comes with it, and depending on the size of the unit can add up quickly, as well as the inconvenience. You may only be authorised to access your unit during certain times of the day and week, and it you will have to travel to the facility in order to access your belongings, which can be inconvenient if you need quick access to something that is being stored. However, these restrictions are only in place with some providers.


Sheds and Garages

Sheds and garages are also a popular alternative for storing excess items. When you still value a possession but it no longer has a place in the living areas of your home it often finds a new spot in the shed or garage. Sheds and garages are great for storage because they are on your property, allowing you to have complete control over who is accessing the space, and your belongings are always in close proximity to you. Storing your items on your own property is also the more affordable option, as it costs you nothing and you are free to keep it there for as long as you wish. There are some negatives to storing things in the shed or garage that should be considered, however. Sometimes these buildings are less than perfectly maintained, and can allow moisture and other elements in, causing damage to your items. It also is a detriment to lose the space you are storing things in when it could be used for more practical things, such as storing your vehicle or gardening equipment as intended. Another potential problem with storing things in the shed or garage is the lack of security. It is generally separate from the home, which means you could be unaware if things inside are being tampered with or stolen.


Where you should store your items depends on several factors, such as the length of time they will be stored for, the value of the items, how much you can afford to spend on storage, and the state of your shed and garage. There is no wrong decision when deciding where to store your possessions but it is important to consider all factors before making a decision.