Which are the best locking systems for the safety of your storage room

The safety of the items in a storage room is controlled by the tenant – simply because the tenant has the only key and lock for the storage room. That`s why it`s important to protect your possessions as much as possible. There are many different types of storage and self-storage units. Yet the right choice of a storage room is the first key step that will ensure the safety of the objects in it. From the right choice of the door to the right and safe arrangement of the objects in the room – there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Just make sure to spend more time in choosing the right locking system. Here are the basic options:

Simplest protection of the objects

Protect your belongings by just wrapping the boxes. Use protective edges for delicate wooden parts or a heavy-duty tape to wrap the boxes all over the most vulnerable sides, such as the bottom if you place heavy items in it, the top if you pile numerous boxes on the top, and the edges and the corners – if you frequently re-arrange the boxes. This simple solution will protect your items in all cases.

Discuss with the facility coordinator the options for securing your own storage space

Some facilities offer padlocks and keys to the tenants, as one of the most important complimentary services when renting a self-storage room. Other storage facilities can help you with the choice of the securest padlock, according to the specifications of the door and the storage room itself. Or else, ask if you can buy a lock right from the storage facility, without the need for searching through the local stores for one.

Separate locks for every box or container

There is no doubt – it is better to lock the boxes themselves as an extra protection and then to lock the entire storage room. Even when it comes to a storage space only for a bike, for example, make sure to lock the bike too, just in case.

A small lock for small storage units

The small storage units usually have metal doors, while the locks are made of stainless steel, nickel, nickel-plated materials and other super strong materials, and so they are usually the strongest part of the entire door. Because of that, it is enough to protect a small storage space with a small lock, such as cylinder or a disk lock. They are easy to open with the key and they ensure a basic, yet enough protection of your belongings, while their unsurpassed advantage is that they can fit through tiny spaces and they are especially useful for locking small boxes and doors.

A bigger and stronger lock for a bigger and stronger container

The storage containers ensure the highest level of safety for your belongings during a relocation especially if you organize all your items in storage containers and then you put the containers in a storage room. The containers themselves are made from such strong materials that they are quite impossible to bend or break. Then, lock the door of the storage room itself as another added protection.

Proximity cards, keypads and others

They have no exposed shackles and they are basically impossible to open. Some new locking pads offer a combination of simple activities like rolling and pushing some parts in the right order to open the lock. Others have a special non-direct insertion system of the key, while other use biometric data to make an unwanted opening truly impossible.