An insight into the truck and trailer opportunities for mobile storage

Forget the big storage units in the big storage facilities, which you have to rent quite in advance in order for the company to prepare the room for moving in your belongings. It is also quite expensive to hire a big storage room. Because of that, consider the options for mobile storage if the short-term storage is that you`re looking for.

– Truck with a trailer is by far the best opt for mobile storage, because it is convenient when moving all the objects and furnishings in your house to another house. The biggest and largest trucks can fit all the objects from a three- and four-bedroom house, or from an even bigger house. The best thing is that you can store some truly enormous objects like a piano, a giant fitness machine or a fish aquarium, which indeed can`t fit in any other car or van. The trucks are perfect for a temporarily storage of your items and especially if you plan to move at longer distances like in another city or even abroad.

– The amenities that a truck or a truck with a trailer provides are quite numerous. The options for a safer drive are actually numerous too, despite the larger size of the vehicle compared to a normal car. The higher front seats of the truck offer a flawless visibility, while a more powerful engine than a normal car ensures your comfort at longer distance. You can easily notice the difference, especially if you rent only a truck and you do everything else by yourself including the driving. The trucks have a great fuel-economy capabilities and the air-con in the storage area ensures the safety and comfort of your belongings, which is very important if you plan a move in the middle of the summer. Yet that`s only a hint of the trucks` amenities. From hydraulic ramps for loading/unloading heavy boxes and objects, to lights in the cargo area and special straps for protecting your items – the truck is definitely a great choice for mobile storage.

– The only better thing than a huge truck, are two trucks for mobile storage, which in most cases you get in the form of a truck with a trailer. Depending on the size of the trailer, you can get as much as a double area for storage. It is a very useful option when you want to change the domestic storage and endless hoarding of large items in the garage, in the cellar or throughout the entire garden.

– Another yet important advantage that you get with the huge trucks and trailers is the time for loading the enormous storage room of the truck. There are special mobile storage containers, which are actually the cargo areas of the trucks. The truck arrives in front of your house and unloads the huge storage container, so you get plenty of time to organize, rearrange and load all your possessions in that container. It may be a wooden container, a metal one or maybe a plastic one, but in all cases – it has a very tough construction so it can collect all the objects, the heaviest and the light ones, in just one small compact area. Moreover, most companies offer different sizes of rental mobile containers so the size of the container may be as much as a small room in your house. The huge truck arrives when everything is loaded and organized, and it lifts the container for about a minute, making all your belongings ready for the move.