A Guide to Suitable Storage Containers

Storage and shipping is a particularly important investment for companies that produce perishable, hazardous or very fragile goods. Foodstuff manufacturers, chemical companies and medical supplies companies require a much higher quality of shipping and storage containers than individuals simply shipping their personal and household possessions from one location to another.

The steel containers are manufactured to protect goods from a range of weather conditions experienced when shipping goods around the world but they may also need to be insulated from the extremes of weather to protect the contents. And for perishable goods the storage containers will need to be individually temperature controlled. Shipping certain medical supplies that might be the target of theft will require additional alarmed security systems and alarms may also be necessary to trigger a significant drop in temperature in a refrigerated container containing foodstuffs.

So a solidly constructed steel container with well-sealed doors to keep out the wind, rain and seaspray is a must but there are many other factors to take into account before deciding which type of container to use for your precious cargo. Insulation, refrigeration, ventilation, security locks and alarms, and also the floor construction are just some of these.

When shipping hazardous chemicals there are regulations for different types of hazardous goods and also requirements concerning the responsibility to prepare and pack the goods before transportation to ensure that all regulations are complied with. Fines and penalties are in place for any non-compliance.