Shipping Personal Possessions Overseas

As corporations are becoming increasingly global, many employees relocate to foreign countries on a regular basis. Some companies even have a policy of moving senior executives around the world on a regular basis to ensure they understand all parts of their global business. But relocating an individual involves relocating most of their possessions too. Not to mention their family…


Moving to a new country can be exciting but there is also the hassle of shipping personal possessions overseas, household items and maybe even your car to the new destination. Even if you have the benefit of a company relocation professional to organise the actual move, the possessions are still your own personal belongings and you will have to decide what to take and what items might have to be left behind in storage if they are too fragile to transport or simply not useful in your new location.


International removals and shipping companies aim to make an overseas move as hassle-free as possible – they are equipped with shipping containers designed to withstand the rigours of ocean transportation. They will also ensure your belongings are professionally, safely and securely packed in those containers, transported to your new location and then delivered to your new home.


If you are organising the move yourself then try to get a recommendation of a good shipping company. Organisations that regularly relocate employees overseas will already have a trusted shipping company that they use for shipping personal possessions overseas. Either way, talk to the shipping company about their packing and shipping procedures if you have any particular items that you are concerned about, whether because of their value or fragility. If you are shipping a car or any other vehicle then you might also want to discuss the safety aspects of doing so – there are particular procedures to follow when shipping a vehicle if you want to be able to easily restart it on arrival.


Always ask about insurance (including any exclusions that may apply) and check whether the shipping company offers storage, GPS tracking and delivery to your new home in their standard quote.