Five storage ideas for shipping containers in schools

With education budgets being squeezed, many local authorities are looking for ways to find additional storage space, and storage containers may provide the solution. Because they are strong, durable and very secure, shipping and storage containers can offer an excellent additional space at a fraction of the cost of erecting a new building.

1.       Playground Equipment

Playground equipment is expensive. The last thing that a school needs is for the playground equipment to be stolen or left outside exposed to the elements. Playground equipment needs to be protected and stored in a dry environment that can be locked and made completely secure so storage for this is the first of the clever ideas for shipping containers.

2.       Storage for Extra School Furniture Desks and Chairs

School sometimes have extra tables, desks and chairs that need to be stored away. With the health and safety requirements restricting how these items can be stacked and stored within school rooms, sometimes it is best to simply avoid the issue altogether and store the surplus in a storage container.

3.       Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals

Cleaner’s equipment and chemicals must be kept well out of reach of children and many chemicals need to be stored in a cool, dry environment to protect both them and the local environment. In cases such as this, a robust storage container can be a fantastic form of storage for these chemicals. Equipment can be kept safe and securely locked away, and things like vacuum cleaners, buffing machines and other appliances can be rolled effortlessly in and out of the container.

4.       Grounds man tools and equipment

Tools and equipment used by grounds staff can be large and cumbersome, and can take up a lot of room in internal storage. Many of these items are too valuable to simply leave outside and so an onsite solution can be found in the ever useful storage container. The strong steel structure is perfect for lawn mowers, white lining equipment and other tools and equipment. With a strong padlock on the door, equipment not in use for a season will be kept safe and dry inside the container box.

5.       Sports Equipment

Goal posts, goal nets, footballs, netballs, cricket pads, stumps, bats and a whole host of other sporting paraphernalia can find refuge in the safety of a storage container. Again, with security being a major consideration, the humble storage container provides a superior solution to a wooden shed, keeping sports equipment safe from unwanted visitors. This valuable sports equipment is kept in prime condition in a safe, dry and secure location.

Whilst there are many other uses schools might find for old shipping containers, these are certainly five of the most useful. The robust structure of the sturdy shipping container is guaranteed to last, and, if looked after, will serve even the most demanding of school environments well for many years to come.