Storing Household Possessions in Shipping Containers

If you are moving into a new home and the date of your move does not coincide with the date on which you have to vacate your old home, or if you are moving into rented accommodation for a temporary period of time, then it is likely you will want to store some, or all, of your household possessions. In such cases your household belongings can be stored securely in a weather-proof storage container.

Many companies specialise on storing your valued possession in clean, dry and secure containers on sites with 24 hour security and controlled access. The reputation of storage companies rests on the security of their storage facilities but always check the details of the security levels provided so that you are completely confident that everything is being done to keep your goods secure and in the best possible condition.

But don’t forget to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for everything that you decide to place in storage. It is simply not worth the risk of having something damaged or stolen no matter how reputable the storage company is. Check your own insurance policies and any insurance provided by the storage company for any exclusions or restrictions on what type of belongings are insured. Many items are not covered as standard (eg, coin or stamp collections) so consider the insurance situation before storing everything in a storage container.