Using Shipping Containers For Storage

Both businesses and private individuals frequently have a need for storage. This might be to store seasonal goods or equipment or archive data for a business or, in the case of a private individual who is moving house or relocating temporarily overseas, to store their complete household contents. In the case of overseas relocation, people often require specialist storage for precious possessions such as antiques, boats or performance cars.

In the case of any type of precious personal possessions or for business stock or archives, the storage containers are expected to be climate controlled, have an effective pest control program and, of course, 24 hour security. Soft furnishings such as upholstered chairs and sofas as well as mattresses are particularly vulnerable to damp conditions and infestations of insects, rodents or other vermin.

Often when storage is required as part of a house move or relocation overseas this is only a temporary requirement. Depending on the anticipated term required for the storage, and the type and value of goods being stored, this will influence what you are prepared to pay for the protection of your belongings. Everyday household good of no appreciable monetary or sentimental value will not need the same level of protection as antiques or items of great sentimental value. Storage containers are also frequently used for short periods of time whilst people have building work done on their homes or are extending their homes.

House removals companies often have storage facilities available as part of their moving package but such storage is rarely the cheapest option although the advantage of using the removals company is that they will be responsible for both the moving out process from your old home and the completion of the removals into your new home. This can be a benefit if anything is damaged during the process as only a single company has ever handled your possessions so there can be no argument over who is responsible for any damage.

But even for individuals who are not moving house, there is often a need to store seasonal equipment such as a boat in a storage container if your home does not have the space to store it, or if local authorities do not allow storage of certain items in residential neighbourhoods.

And businesses, can benefit from renting a storage container, not only for archive materials but also for everyday equipment as office or warehouse space is substantially more expensive than offsite storage. A storage container can be a permanent and cost-effective alternative to taking up space in expensive offices or other commercial space.